Kate is also a licensed massage therapist in Washington, DC 


Tuesdays 6 - 8:15 pm and Sundays at 5 pm at Bluebird Sky Yoga in Brookland, NE

**Contact me if you are looking for a different day/time. Additional fees may incur**


Services + Pricing

Custom Therapeutic Massage: 

A therapeutic massage is tailored to your needs and I use a combination of different techniques including Swedish and deep tissue. Please note that 60 minutes may not be enough time for full body if you want me to focus on deep tissue/trigger point a particular area, but we can still get a lot in! 

60 minutes: $115; $315 for a package of 3 ($110 each)

75 minutes: $135; $390 for 3 ($130 each)

90 minutes: $155; $450 for 3 ($150 each)

Terms + Conditions: 


- Non-refundable

- Expires 12 months from purchase date

- Can be transferable and shared with one other person


- I accept all forms of payment. Certain credit card and e-transfer payments may incur a processing fee (3.5% for credit cards via Square and 1.9% for Venmo)

- Payment is taken at the end of the massage

- Tipping is not expected but greatly appreciated =)



I understand people have hectic schedules, but please be considerate of my time and others trying to book appointments. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment in 48 hours or less, half the cost of the session will be charged. All cancelations before the 48-hour window are refunded in full. I apologize for this inconvenience.



Appointment times are as scheduled and cannot extend beyond the stated time to accommodate late arrivals. Please be on time to your appointment.


Massage and bodywork are not appropriate when you are sick. Please cancel your appointment as soon as possible. If within the 24-hour notice period, contingent on the circumstances, the cancellation fee may be waved. 


All matters discussed during your health intake and in the treatment space will be kept confidential. Client information is not shared unless the client has given written permission to do so.

Sexual Appropriateness: 

Sexual behavior by the client toward the therapist or by the therapist toward the client is unethical, inappropriate and unacceptable. Sexual harassment is not tolerated. If either party's safety feels compromised, the session is stopped immediately.


Covid Policies

Covid Safety Policies

Please read and follow accordingly 

  • If you are fully vaccinated, you are welcome to go maskless for the duration of your massage, if you are comfortable. If you are not vaccinated, please tell me so I can be sure we are both masked upon our initial meeting.

  • Please consider how you get to your appointment. If you have the means to walk, bike or drive, please consider doing so, but if you must take public transit, please be extra careful about sanitizing things you touch. 

  • Covid Liability waiver: within 24 hours of your massage, you will receive an online Covid pre-screening to fill out.

  • Ending and beginning your massage is of utmost importance during these times so that I have sufficient time to clean and prepare for you and other clients. 

  • Once you have arrived, please remove your shoes on the steps and immediately wash your hands for 20 seconds in the bathroom.


What I am doing: 

  • I am fully vaccinated, but will be wearing a mask for the duration of your massage

  • I will wear a mask when I am working so closely on your head and neck

  • I will have limited availability right now at Bluebird Sky Yoga with extra time before and after each massage to allow for thorough disinfecting, and I will try my best to not schedule more than 2 people per day.  

  • I always wash my hands for 20 seconds before and after every session.  

  • All sheets, blankets, washcloths and any other related products are washed in a sterilized cycle. 

  • The table will be disinfected after each use. 

  • Some props will be removed at this time, I am sorry for any inconvenience 

  • If I have cuts or any open wounds on my hands I will be wearing a glove. I have received many massages with gloved hands and can say this does not affect the efficacy of the massage, and you will most likely not even notice.