Live Online Yoga Classes


I am offering a live donation-based online class on Wednesdays via Zoom! 


I am an independent contractor so I am not receiving a large portion of my previous income due to the pandemic but I know times are trying so you can pay what you want!


Suggested donation $8/class

for all Wednesday classes

 You can Venmo me: @Katherine-Rivard-1 or PayPal:




Wednesday 5:30 pm Vinyasa Sign Up

**24 hour access if you can't make it to class!
Sign up as usual and you will receive an email after class**
Current Offerings
Vinyasa 5:30 pm - All Levels
Vinyasa 5:30 pm EST
Vinyasa 5:30 pm EST
Vinyasa 5:30 pm EST

Photos taken by Eric Yagoda

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