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A Year of Intention Workbook

Updated: May 12, 2021

Hello friends! Happy December ☃️. I write to you from sunny Arizona as I read about the

impending snow storm about to ravage the northeast. I hope it doesn't interfere with your holiday. If it makes you feel any better, it has actually been quite chilly here. Regardless, Arizona is one of my favorite states with the most beautiful sunsets 🤗. I'm happy to be spending the last month of 2020 here, as well as New Years.

For this Well•Being Wednesday I have a special gift for you: a free workbook - A Year of Intention to help you reflect, say farewell to 2020 and lead you into a well-intended 2021. And if there ever was a life-changing year most of us are anxious to say goodbye to, 2020 would be it. I think we all have a lot to reflect on as we consider what we want with our future. This is a journal form of a vision board.

I started doing something similar to this about 5 years ago when I found Susannah Conway's "Unravel Your Year" e-book. Each December I would reflect on the past 12 months and begin dreaming up the next year and it was particularly helpful during one of my worst years, 2017. I do not find New Years Resolutions to be productive, often setting myself up for feelings of failure and I really appreciated how the workbook encouraged me to put a little more intention and thought into what I wanted of the next 12 months, rather than just "eat more greens" or "start running." Susannah has us create a word to live by for the year, followed by supporting questions and plans to create a life you love.

I have found, however, her workbook to be a bit daunting, and many years I would not complete it or do my monthly check-ins. I needed something similar but more condensed and palpable so I created my own and I am delighted to share it with you! Below are a few pages, and below that you can download your own workbook. Feel free to comment on my WBW Instagram post if you want to share your word. I hope you enjoy!

Download your workbook here:


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