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Creating A Buffer In Your Day

Updated: May 12, 2021

Hi, hello! We are more than half way through November already, can you believe it? It's been a wild, unpredictable year and it's suddenly almost Thanksgiving. I think none of us expected to still be working from home by the year's end when this all started, yet here we are, still in it. I think some of us can all relate to Ruxin at this point, no?

This week, I was recommended by my roommate to help you consider a "work from home commute" routine. Pre-covid, my mornings were very early, but I definitely had a routine: warm lemon water, coffee and reading the headlines, grooming, a short wake up yoga routine, listening to music or the news on my drive or bike to the studio to teach, followed by breakfast at Emissary.

Nowadays, how many of you are rolling out of bed, grabbing your coffee, eating breakfast in front of your screen with your sweatsuit on? 🙋🙋🙋 With little to break the monotony of this year between your desk (or coffee table if you are a city-dweller, like myself) and your bed, have the boundaries started to blur now that everyone knows you have access to your work 24 hours a day?

Today's offering is short but sweet, a few tips for creating an "at-home commute" to create a buffer for your day.

Creating Your At-Home Commute

What a luxury it is to WFH (work from home)! The extra sleep, less stress trying to catch the metro. But WFH can, over time, have an effect on productivity. "There is certainly an art to being able to remain focused and productive in a space which is inextricably linked with comfort and relaxation," according to Psychotherapist Charlotte Armitage. "The key to ensuring a level of productivity in the home is to create a routine and structure that you are forced to stick to."

Here are a few tips from my roommate and myself that I put into an infographic 😊 Enjoy!


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