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Updated: May 12, 2021

I was fortunate to spend a week recently with my family before the panic Covid-19 has brought us onThe Coastal Starlight, a 36-hour Amtrak train that travels all along the beautiful west coast. We started in LA and ended in Seattle (where my brother now lives) and there are several accommodation options. My sister and I shared a private sleeper car (there were 2 cushy chairs that you can maneuver into one bed with a drop-down lofted top-bunk bed. I got the top, I was stiff in the morning but still slept like a baby). My parents got a plush room with a lavish toilet-shower (you know, the kind where you can shower on the toilet like the Queen you deserve to be). I did not indulge in the shower but it was nice to use their private bathroom. You can also choose a roomy business or economy class seat with huge windows and lots of pockets. All meals are included (excluding alcohol) with the sleeper car options, and the food was really good! They didn't have a lot of vegan or full vegetarian options but I was never left hungry or wanting. There is a separate viewing car and I spent many hours there with no cell phone service just watching the beautiful sites of California and Oregon. The staff was incredibly accommodating, friendly and fun (a special shout-out to Mary for her enthusiastic group photo taking). I highly recommend this trip and it was such a great way to connect with my family! I am very lucky. 


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