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6 Minute Moon Salutation Sequence 🌙

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Hello friends! How are you? I mean, how are you, really? We are now in it. Mid-January, cold,

dark, and counting down the days until we can save 5 minutes of every morning not having to put on a million layers before leaving the house. In fact, I've had days now where I have not even left my house. And that's okay.

We are now officially in the yin season: defined by cold, darkness, surrender, absorption, rest, and feminine energy, represented by the moon 🌙. And considering how the moon affects high and low tides and that we are made of at least 60% water, I think there is something to the lunar cycle's impact on humans. If you can appreciate this, think about the effect the moon can have on your practice! The first full moon of 2022 is January 17.

Enter the Moon Salutation, or Chandra Namaskar. While sun salutations 🌞 are intended to build heat and stimulate, like the sun, the moon salutation is cooling and calming, used for both full 🌝 and new 🌚 moon days to protect your physical and energetic self. You will find no chaturanga here!

I love this meditative sequence and it works in a circle, like the moon or a mandala. Below is a free 6 minute video I made just for you! If you love it, I do have a longer 60 minute practice that starts with the moon salutation (followed by my personal iteration) that moves into another calming style - yin. If you are interested in this, it is for purchase! This is also a great sequence if you are trying to put less stress on your shoulders, arms and wrists.

A few props you may need: a yoga mat (I have had many mats over the past 20 years and this is my favorite) and two blocks.

If enjoy this kind of free content, please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Be well, friends!


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