Quarantine Vinyasa

To help you move and breath and feel a little better during this difficult time I made this (incredibly awkward) video for you to practice along with. 

After roughly 47 out-takes, meticulous adjustments of my mat and computer, and several hours of movement I finally did it. I made a video for YouTube.

I honestly actually cried, out of anxiety and frustration. I am very camera shy and I have a new found respect for anyone who is able to talk to their phone or camera with full confidence. I get it from my grandma, whom I have seen literally run away when a camera was pulled out once.  Practice as often as you want, whenever you want, wearing whatever you want! Hopefully you can hear me, and I will work with my newfound free time during this quarantine to learn how to voice-over so it is easier to hear.  It will be on YouTube for free, but, as an independent contractor that relies solely on income when I am able to teach in studios or give a massage, any donated amount is sincerely appreciated and I am so grateful for whatever you have to offer, if you have the financial flexibility at this time. You can send any donations to my Venmo @Katherine-Rivard-1 or PayPal katerivardyoga@gmail.com Thank you!! 🙏


Photos taken by Eric Yagoda

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