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Clear Sky Meditation

Updated: May 12, 2021

Hello friends! We are nearing the end of January, how was your first month of 2021? So much has happened, yet so much has not. We got a new president, new government leaders, a government insurrection, a vaccine, our first snow that stuck in DC this winter, but we're still under a lot of restrictions due to Covid, this cold would have kept me inside all hygge'd up regardless, and the days are getting longer but they are still cloudy and dark and life still feels very stagnant for me. I have always had mixed feelings about January.

My offering for you today is short and sweet: a 5 minute meditation 🧘. This is adapted from Stephanie Keach of Asheville Yoga Center, where I completed a 500 hour teacher training. There is a wealth of research supporting the benefits of meditation, including:

  • Reduced anxiety, depression and insomnia (NCCIH)

  • Improved concentration and attention (APS)

  • A reduction in pain scores (PMC)

  • Research suggests increased grey matter volume in long-term meditators compared to non-meditators

  • General feeling of calm and happiness (a self study 🙂)

Meditation can be a difficult practice to start and maintain, for myself included. Here are a few tips:

  • Start small - 5 minutes a day is perfect

  • Have something/someone to keep you accountable - a weekly class with a meditation teacher or even an app

  • There are so many different techniques to try - breathing exercises, Yoga Nidra, visualization (see below), mantras, vipassana meditation - see what resonates with you

  • Meditate at the same time each day to form a regular habit

  • If you have room, a dedicated space just for your practice

To get started, try this 5 minute visualization I created just for you, find it here!

Be safe and healthy!


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