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The Art of Lagom

Updated: May 12, 2021

Hello friends and happy almost New Year! This past weekend, I went on a day hike with my

family in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Aside from the bold, surreal red sandstone formations, it is well-known for it's vortices (singular: vortex), which are said to be swirling centers of energy. Sedona is a mecca for self-reflection, healing, and wellness and I hope you can experience it someday.

As we close out 2020 and reflect on everything that has happened, individually, in our social/family units, as a country and throughout the world, there seems to be a lot of pressure on this New Years. (A short story: my sister, who is an 8th grade science teacher, told me one of her students excitedly stated once the new year hits, we don't have to wear masks anymore! She reluctantly had to tell him that was not the case).

I started Well•Being Wednesdays as a pandemic project to provide free offerings to you as small bits of motivation, healthy tips and ideas to live a life you love, even during such hard times, but also for my own mental health. I started to feel the pressure on what my last WBW should be (my goal was to be consistent, every Wednesday, through 2020): a healthy recipe, a meditation for the new year? Can a stretch or massage best symbolize this opportunity to start fresh?

I am also in the process of working through my Year of Intention workbook and trying to decide on my word for 2021 when my sister suggested "lagom," the Swedish word for not too little, not too much. In other words, being happy just the way things are, because what you have is enough. With the pressure of the new year, offering my very best for Well•Being Wednesdays, finding the perfect gifts for the holidays, the financial stress brought on by the pandemic, the emotional stress of the virus and everyone who has gotten sick, this simple word can sum up how I want this year to end.

So I leave you with simply this for my last Well•Being Wednesday - a space to reflect on lagom, a moment of gratitude for what you have, not wanting too much, not settling with too little. Where ever you are, whatever you have is just right.

**Also, I am going to continue WBW for as long as I have the time and energy (I started this project September 2, so I have done 18! History has taught me blogs are not my strong point, so this is something to celebrate). So stay tuned, I will have more offerings in 2021! Wishing you a happy New Year. Be safe, be healthy and live in this world with joy and ease 🥂


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