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I discovered yoga during a tumultuous time in 2003 through Bryan Kest's Power Yoga videos and found the practice deeply healing and unlike anything I had done before. I sought out to explore as many styles of yoga as I could find; what resonated with me most was Ashtanga yoga.  After several years of consistent and dedicated practice, I started teaching in 2010. In 2014, I became the yoga teacher at Womack Army Medical Center's Intrepid Spirit Center on Fort Bragg in North Carolina, teaching yoga and mindfulness practices to active duty soldiers as a part of the Pain Management and Traumatic Brain Injury Clinics. My experiences through yoga inspired me to go to massage school in 2018 to further understand the somatic approach to healing.  


My classes are influenced by several different lineages, but I primarily draw from the dynamic poses and sequencing of Ashtanga yoga blended with safe alignment and healthy movement of Iyengar yoga. As a teacher, my intention is to offer classes that aim to inspire self-awareness, a feeling of personal empowerment, and to feel the connection with the world we live in. 

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